Stimulation Intervals Definition on Geothermal wells for Silenos Energy

For the first geothermal project of Silenos Energy, NiMBUC Geoscience did the borehole image analysis on LWD data of the two geothermal doublet boreholes in Garching a. d. Alz in Bavaria, Germany. The wells were drilled in 2018 and 2019. The target were Upper Jurassic (Malm) carbonates.

The goal for both BHI analyses was to determine possible intervals which could be stimulated with acid to increase the porosity and permeability and the hot water production. The time frames for the analyses were short, as the preparations for the stimulation started when logging was completed. Therefore, fast turnover was crucial to avoid costly non-productive time.

The stimulations in both wells were successful and increased the flow rates. The powerplant is in operation since January 2021 and delivers heat and electricity for the municipality of Garching a. d. Alz.

Project Facts

Map of Bavaria

Bastian Roters

Senior Geologist
+13 years experience
responsible for Sedimentological Studies
and Project Management


Abstract of Geothermal Workshop publication concerning the well stimulation at Garching

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