Answers on geological questions for gas storage, nuclear waste storage and carbon capture storage projects.

Oil & Gas

Tailor-made solutions for oil & gas projects using image log interpretations, geomechanical analyses, seismic analysis, structural modelling, sequence stratigraphy and more.


Subsurface Interpretation for deep geothermal projects. We interpret borehole and seismic data for planning, drilling and stimulation of wells.

Your independent Partner
for your Reservoir Data

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Our Experience

Over 60 years worldwide experience with more than 200 projects in in different structural and stratigraphic settings.


Our Services

Supplier for integrated services around borehole image logs, seismic interpretations, cores and other reservoir data.


About us

Independent, fully privately owned geoscience consultancy that gives you an un-biased view on your subsurface data.


Welcome to the website of NiMBUC Geoscience, a Vienna based team of experienced Geologists and Geoscientists with more than 60 years of professional experience from projects all over the world in different structural and stratigraphic settings. We are your independent partner for your reservoir data. Our services include Processing, Structural and Sedimentological Interpretation of Borehole Image Logs, Interpretation of Cores, Open Hole, Petrophysical and Seismic Data for the oil and gas industry and for geothermal projects.

Who we are

NiMBUC Geoscience is an independent Geoscience Consultancy that specializes on the analysis and interpretation of subsurface data, such as Borehole Image Logs, Open Hole Logs, Seismic Data and Cores. Our team members are highly skilled geoscience experts, with over 60 years of profound experience in different geographic regions, reservoir types and geological settings.
NiMBUC Geoscience is a fully privately owned consultancy firm that provides independent and unbiased analyses of your subsurface data.


NiMBUC Geosciences is independent and fully privately owned by its founders.


We have an unbiased view and judgement on data quality issues and find the best possible solutions for wellbore data interpretations.

Integrated Approach

We have an integrated approach and bring together data from all sources and the best interpreters.

We know your needs

We discuss our work with our customers and know their needs.

What our customers say about us

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