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NiMBUC Geoscience is an independent Geoscience Consultancy that specializes on the analysis and interpretation of subsurface data, such as Borehole Image Logs, Open Hole Logs, Seismic Data and Cores. Our team members are highly skilled geoscience experts, with over 60 years of profound experience in different geographic regions, reservoir types and geological settings.

NiMBUC Geoscience is a fully privately owned consultancy firm that provides independent and unbiased analyses of your subsurface data.


NiMBUC Geoscience is committed to providing the best suitable solutions for our clients‘ subsurface projects for Oil&Gas, Geothermal Energy and Underground Storage Facilities.


We provide an unbiased evaluation of data for our clients as well as a competent and diligent interpretation. We can do this by maintaining our independence.

With our integrated expertise we strive to support our clients in achieving their targets in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Why work with us?


NiMBUC Geoscience is independent and fully privately owned by its founders.


We give an unbiased view and judgement on data quality issues and find the best possible solutions for wellbore data interpretations


We apply an integrated approach and bring together data from all sources and the best interpreters.


We discuss our work with our customers and know their needs.


We discuss our work with our customers and know their needs.


All of our personnel are specialists in their disciplines, have at least an MSc degree (or similar) in geosciences and 10++ years industry experience in our technical domain.


We combine a vast G&G knowledge from numerous studies performed in reservoir systems worldwide.


We are flexible, in order to accommodate changing project requirements.


We offer competitive pricing, as well as cost-effective and efficient processes.


We bring a strong network, with highly regarded partners located in Europe, the Middle East and America.

Contact our Team of experts


Christian Rambousek

Managing Director
Structural Geologist
+16 years experience
responsible for Business Development


Bastian Roters

Senior Geologist
+13 years experience
responsible for Sedimentological Studies and IT Infrastructure


Dr. Nicola Levi

Senior Structural Geologist
+16 years experience
responsible for Structural Studies and Geomechanical


Mario Habermüller

Senior Geologist
+13 years experience
responsible for Structural Studies, Geomechanical Studies and Processing

Our Partners

Geneva Earth Resources

An integrated multidisciplinary and consolidated team of subsurface consultants offering expertise and skills for fit-for-purpose solutions to the geo-energy industry.


KNOWLAH is an online learning platform for reservoir geoscience. Explore topics including clastic and carbonate geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, petroleum system and basin modelling, seismic evaluation and more.

Logo Makamin Group

Makamin Group

Makamin is a Abu Dhabi based conglomerate serving various industries such as the energy and infrastrucure sectors. They are partnering with NiMBUC and acting as our agent in Abu Dhabi.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

NiMBUC Geoscience OG has a quality management system in place. Since December 2023 this is certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 by the SystemCERT Zertifizierungsges.m.b.H. Our certificate number is: Q12140123; it can also be verified on the SystemCERT website.

MAGNET JQS registration

Since 2019, NiMBUC Geoscience is a registered service provider with Offshore Qualific, who organizes business between operators and suppliers for the Norwegian Oil&Gas industry.

See our Registration certificate here.

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