Fracture Characterization

As part of a multidisciplinary study NiMBUC Geoscience performed borehole image QC, processing and interpretation on BHI data from the Illizi Basin in Algeria (confidential client). This also comprised QC and processing of vintage BHI data. Within the study team we were the sub-team lead for BHI and core analysis. Structural analysis of Paleozoic, glaciogenic sediments and integration of third-party borehole data was done. The facture characterization based on BHI and cores of 30 wells was then fed into the field modelling. The results were integrated with seismic interpretation and led to a generation of a conceptual fracture model. Finally, we were involved in the consulting for dynamic reservoir modelling

Project facts

algeria map

NiMBUC Geoscience is independent from tool manufacturing and logging companies or other service companies. We can work with data from almost any Borehole Image Log tool available on the market. Our analyses and interpretations are unbiased and are focused only on the interest of our clients. Every borehole image analysis begins with a Quality Control Check of the raw data. In the next step, the data will be processed. Basically, you can choose from different analysis and interpretation modules that may be combined. NiMBUC Geoscience is also happy to provide individual solutions tailored to your needs. Find more information about our analysis and interpretation modules on the right. Contact us for more information how we can serve you.

Mario Habermüller

Senior Geologist
+13 years experience
responsible for Structural Studies, Geomechanical Studies and Processing

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