Seismic Interpretations and Reservoir Modelling

Where can Seismic Data help in Geothermal projects?

Seismic data help to find geothermal reservoirs and to visualize them. The internal architecture of a geologic body, the orientation and thickness of single strata as well as dominant structural features i.e., faults can be seen on seismic data in large scale.

Typically, our seismic services include the following line items:

What is the difference when seismic interpretations are done by NiMBUC Geoscience?

NiMBUC Geoscience has added seismic interpretations to its service portfolio to fill the gap between small- and large-scale resolution data. Deriving from Borehole Image Logs and Core Analysis we are used to look at reservoirs in much smaller scale. However, this drives us to look at seismic data with scrutiny and we always seek to enrich our seismic interpretations with other high detailed data, if available, to add value for our clients.

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